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I sleep with strange silence by my side
I sleep with weird words underneath my pillow

oh Plato where are you hiding tonight?
(when) a beat turns your head around
(when) a beat turns your head upside down

before you go to bed so early
before you run away from me
before you think too wisely
before you pray for me and rise

if it’s all about love will you stretch your arm for me?
can you show me a dialogue
and explain words, meanings?
can you show me lies?

look I’m standing so innocently
look I’m standing in no sense my dear

Eliza Stefanidi’s debut book 'Sleeping With Plato' is a fraught, powerful and often upliftingly surreal exploration of the idea of Crisis – linguistic, socio-economic, and psychological. Eliza Stefanidi was born in Liverpool in 1980 and currently lives in Athens after studying ballet and art in London. She is British-Greek. She has been published in several anthologies, including Lung Jazz, and online. 'Many poets explore mental health as a concern or theme – Plath and Lowell come to mind – but Stefanidi is not merely a “confessional” poet.I have rarely read such violently pop cultural-surreal poems of pain and ecstasy. If Howl had been written by a young 21st century woman and not Ginsberg, this might be it. The poems veer from shockingly sad, to very funny. They are torn by references to song and the digital moment, the Greek Crisis, and Greek philosophy, but also have an edgy British sense of mad comedy. Both brave, and linguistically innovative, this is a new kind of poetry by a new sort of poet.' — Todd Swift

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